Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Timing the Market, Part III

Extending the fascination with the 240 minute time frame even further, here are the 240 minute trend models of the VXX and DJIA covering the past six weeks:

Periods of pristine market timing like those shown above are often followed by periods of choppiness and whipsaws.  But the cycle re-asserts itself and good market timing statistically overwhelms the chop and longer term, losses pale in comparison to gains. 

As for current conditions, its easy to imagine a few whipsaws in our future, but the system says no, a trend is a trend until proven otherwise.


Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Anonymous said...

Biotech Alert

Watch ISCO, if youre tracking it.

Today finally showing some life,moving off the base of lows in the .90-.95 zone. will this be momentary or strong with follow thru to break 1.00 and retest 1.20 this week?? we will find out.

a breakout to the 1.15 area from here with a pullback that holds at 1.00 might be a good entry spot to consider.

resistance above is at the 1.15 - 1.30

Anonymous said...

Allan , The Detrended Price Oscillator in E signal is a great early heads up for future moves. You can see the strength building or diminishing via the higher lows or lower highs. Ive been using this along with ATR 7x2.0 with outstanding results. Trading IWM and SPY calls and puts. You can find it in the esignal library and use it with the default settings.Again , Thanks for the great work. Rick, So Cali.

Anonymous said...

Biotech alert x2

ISCO popped again after holding .95

broke to 1.05

( mid day tuesday 7/20)

looks positive (at least today anyway...)

MMarino said...

What is Faz's bullish counterpart?

Anonymous said...

what the heck happen to NNVC, going down every single day ...

Anonymous said...

I hate NNVC ...
I lost almost 50%, Jesus ...

Anonymous said...

Forget about trend following it has not worked for over a year! Let me tell you how it's going play out, for the next 30 months wipsaws back and forth up then down but the trend will be slightly up. The manipulators will be working OT, then and only then will the market crash! This will allow the ushering in of socializism. Thats the way I see it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

market crash within 2 weeks, Cardinal Climax my man ...

Anonymous said...

Here's an important technical analysis point everyone should observe about today's market (tuesday july 20)

Look at Any stock,I just looked at about 15.... they All show a major key reversal candle stick that happened today.

Opened sharp hard down and then
Reversed big time and closed at the high,far above the close of yesterday.

Key Reversal.

Maybe it was totally engineered by the rigged game masters,the PP Team with the HFT computers....but whether it is real or manipulated, the result is what we see.

Market opened with a plunge across the board,panic selling as usual,and then, something else took over...a change of mind I guess,...traders,investors,or the wizard himself decided that this was a Great buying opportunity....as in right at the edge of the big wave 3 of 3 of 3 down to oblivion....sensible investors decided to go Long big time.

ok,I'll buy that.

it is what it is.
and what it appears to be is a Key Reversal candlestick.

What must they do with that now?

With everyone so automatic ready to push the panic sell button,convinced,yes,that the global economy is near chaos,which it is,but failing to see how much control the 'wizard' has over markets, sheeple traders have been panic selling at all the tops since may 12, now we are treated to this...Key Reversal,stick save, whatever you want to call it.

It worked for me.I wont complain.
I think I also wont short the market right now while
the roulette wheel is spinning.

Key Reversal means its going Long .

I have no idea what tomorrow will look like .
but today, look at APL,BIDU,GS,gold miners,silver miners,look at oilers,look at anything.

Giant Key Reversal.

next ought to be a basic pullback off these highs,back to the next stick save fib and then Upwards again going long.

Otherwise ,why would they make such a major reversal move today,except in order to avert a collapse and wave 3 crisis.

Maybe both.

I have always believed that the market masters pulling the levers, dont want to allow the market to collapse,and especially not going into this fall with election,they want things to look hopeful.
Today might have been a pivotal moment in that process.

Everyone's ready to panic sell. the PPT likely demonstrates the final say.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to notice this.

Look at just about Any chart.

Today, tuesday july 20,

however manipulated,engineered,stick saved,or maybe investors just decided today was a great buying opportunity....in mid stream ,after a plunging gap down open...... market made a KEY REVERSAL...and soared to much higher highs above yesterday and closed at the high.

Key Reversal. technical analysis says this is a very bullish signal.

Thats what Happened today.

In the midst of people's rational understanding of how bad the global economic picture is, how fearful everyone is of a collapsing wave 3 down,have been panic selling at all trendline tops,today included, and ....

however, what the sheeple fail to understand, is just how powerful and in control is the government/fed/GS/JPM/PPT/HFT computers/wizard behind the curtain/whatever and whoever is in control of this game....if you cant see it now by what happened today, then you are become a sucker in this rigged game.

Just as I was about to go very short. now I'm glad,at least today, that I havent yet.

Today was a Major Key Reversal.
Now they have to keep making it look real.

and then,it shall be real.

Anonymous said...


Thought it was funny that someone should make such a compilation, but thought I'd share that too......lol