Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Traders Only

SPX 10 minute Trend Model

Fitting that monsoon season has started here in the desert just as we get a storm of buying on the stock exchanges.  Putting aside longer term perspectives, above is a simple 10 minute trading model for the SPX.

Does it get any better then this?

Let's see what the False Bar Stochastic does to the mix:

A couple things stand out on the above chart.  First, note all the black "false bars" warning the trader not to take any stochastic sell signals.  Next, look at the three places in the chart where the FBS triggered entries to the LONG side.  The first entry was near the close of trading on Tuesday, July 6th.  The second and third entries were mid-day Thursday.  That third signal is a double dip stochastic Buy and those have a very high probability of success.  

I realize that very few traders have access Advanced GET, the automatic wave counts and the  False Bar Stochastic.  So let's take one more look at the 10 minute SPX chart with just the Trend Model as a guide:

For at least the end of this past week, this chart did a stellar job of providing trading guidance.  Just four trades over three days.  

Does it get any better then this?



Anonymous said...

No,thats very good stuff.

but it sure would take alot of guts to go long at 1060

1020 was a good one though.


MMarino said...

I need some advice.

Given the facts of the upcoming potential SPX sell signal, would you still recommend going long in corroboration to the corresponding new trend signals for the short term? Regardless the answer, ever vigilant to the trends I will remain.