Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Father & Daughter

A trip to Sky Harbor Airport this morning and so ended a week's visit with my youngest daughter.  It's hard to focus on the stock market with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart.    This time and place, the concert, the moment in our lives, will be forever chronicled in this simple photograph.  Some years from now, it will be pulled out and remembered.

I love you, sweetheart, I always will. 

I always will.



marcus of borg said...

And Levon Helm! The Band lives on.

-Jay in Detroit

JD said...

Where can the unsure hand fall?,
How can the shuddering voice call?,
Do I fill the heart with fear and harden the jaw?,
Because that certainly conforms to what I saw.

Voices of reason implore a gentle discipline,
For anything else is sure to ruin.
Does not God Himself show a love so pure?
Observe the morning petal caressing the gentle dew in her outstreched arms,
In the dawn of day.
Does that not make you forsake your
Renew your belief in the tide,
That flows through the common veins?

Sacrifice your Pride then,
For wisdom requires an individual commitment,
Throw out your Prejudices,
For wisdom requires honesty.

I fight and I argue against the grain,
For I have taken on the stain.
Impurity and disdain
I am like the gentle morning dew,
Or I am of the raging torrents new.
I am of God's creation, in all its hue.

Where then lies my Compass?,
I listen to the gentle beating of my heart.
All at once, my blood rages through my veins to keep the vestige alive,
Then some more, in tends to thrive,
In an eternal message that divines.

I am free, yet I am in shackles,
My mind speaks, yet it falls silent.
My hand, unsure, falls to my side,
My blood, now cooled, does not attempt to hide.