Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything else is just noise

Here are seven charts from my subscription service's nightly Trend Tables.  Three of these were highlighted as Trades of the Week last weekend. The simplicity and eloquence of trend following cannot be better stated then in these charts. 

Sometimes it helps to be reminded as to why we are here and what it is that brings us together.  This is all about making money in the stock market.  Everything else is just noise.



A said...

At least one admirer:

ilene said...

Allan, that post was not meant as a statement of admiration exactly. The Seeking Alpha instablog is for a number of contributors to Phil's Stock World who don't have their own S.A. sections. There's people writng timely and interesting stock market articles for PSW that we wanted to share on S.A. To follow PSW on seeking alpha, just click on the "follow" button on this page:

ilene said...

p.s. Scott at Sabrient (which has a new section at PSW) and I started another Sabrient-based portfolio called the Dark Horse Hedge. You can follow it at PSW's SA instablog, or here:

We're probably going to be updating again today. This is not a high-frequency trading virtual portfolio so it's easy to keep track of what we're doing.