Monday, March 29, 2010

MRNA, again

"It would be nice to catch one of these high flying biotechs before they take off."
---Wednesday, March 10th
 MRNA - premarket Monday, March 29th


Anonymous said...

Allan...Thanks again....look's like we have another WINNER here!!! Gary

Anonymous said...

EW targets here?

t said...

a 49 % blast.

but its the story that makes it special.

You know how Allan says this motto, find something that works and trade it...

I think with the biotech stocks the motto should be something like ...find a compelling story of revolutionary medical breakthrough technology ...and understanding what it means....Invest in it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think looking at the MRNA chart will really much for making decisions. This stock has spiked like a volcanic blast 5 times in the last 12 months. last june it spiked from 1.32 to 3.55 !!!! in one day, with twice the volume as todays blast.

today is just one of those spike days.

This stock is one of Patrick Cox's picks in his biotech newsletter. he does a great analysis of it...and from what I remember ,dont quote me, but something like this company has gone through some major changes and morphed from something else a few years ago to become what it is today.
such that you cant really look at what the stock was doing 4 years ago and call it the same stock.

It is something special now,because of the breakthrough revolutionary technology that is ongoing.

I cant do justice to what Patrick says about MRNA, you'd really have to read the newsletter in order to understand it. I could go back and read it again and give you my synopsis,but you'd owe me a beer.

My best advise is just watch all these 8 biotech basket stocks you see in this blog. watch them daily,plot the fibs and pivot points and s/r points,and count the waves....and buy them all at the best entry you can get. dont go hog wild all in, maybe buy 1/3 or 1/2 position size at a time.

or whatever is the best way to buy a basket.

you may get a whipsaw in the next few days,and price could come back to a fair entry point.

What makes these stocks a safe bet is their compelling breakthrough technology,revolutionary medical profound impact technology. like the invention of the printing press.or the model T.

t said...

....and today,ISCO is pleasantly up 8.5 %

Anonymous said...

Miners are all up about 1.5% this morning.

some oil and gas services are up 4%.

Cameron said...

It appears that GNVC is setting up for another blast off here as well, any moment hopefully!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One thing about MRNA since I've owned it, it does not hold on the price appreciation. With such a low OS 40M and a world of good products. I keep thinking this time it will take off. What is Alan and others doing with this stock, trading the pop?


MMarino said...


I suggested the biotech stock AEN a few weeks ago when it was at $0.95

It closed at $1.90 today, would it ever slide it's way into the biotech basket?


t said...

Marino,can you tell us about AEN ?

Anonymous said...


Gnvc is trading around .85 after hours, I bought @ 2.40 and didn't have a stop order in place. Should I sell after hours or wait until tomorrow. Thanks Lisa

Anonymous said...

Cameron,I was thinking GNVC was ready to break out as well, but now todays news is that their pancreatic drug trials are being discontinued from ineffective results. that should be bad for the stock price. down today on the news. they halted after hours trading. I might expect a big drop down at the open. support below is at the 2.50-2.40 area.Looks like GNVC may be in for some trouble right now. like what happened last week to cytx.

cytx plummetted from 6 to 4.50 and hasnt managed to break above 5.00 floundering still in the 4.65 area.
tricky biotech stocks, all so dependent on the success of trials and FDA approval stuff.

they have to be followed closely.

does this mean long term bad news for GNVC ?
I dunno, I dont know their whole story very well.
Maybe others can tell us what GNVC is all about.

Meanwhile.... the NNVC chart looks like 5 waves completing soon.
I would anticipate a good ABC correction to the logical fib level in the 1.30-1.45 area.

This 5 wave move went from .80 to 1.80 (easy math)
50% is 1.30 area

that is ...IF the wave 5 completes here at the 1.80 area.maybe it will bounce down from 2.00
and the 50% fib would be around 1.50 area

Anonymous said...

Lisa,I hope Allan gives you an answer, but I think anyone with basic knowledge can answer this. the after hours price bid is just somebody who placed this absurd .85 price offer....this happens all the time when the market closes.
If you call your broker and tell them you wanted to place a stop limit sell order for tomorrow, they should be able to override this .85 cent bid thing. and get your stop limit order in the docket for market open at whatever price you set for selling.

the other thing is that GNVC, right now, is in a sensitive volatile spot because they just announced their drug trial is failing to get good results and this could drop the stock alot more tomorrow. they halted the after hours trading today, probably because of this.

I want to sell my shares if I can,and wait for better price to rebuy. after the smoke clears. that price might be 2.00 .

I just bought it recently at 2.80....ouch,I'm hanging at the cliff edge.

If you have a broker like schwab, that is open 24 hours, you can call them, and get an agent to place your order in the docket that will override this .85 cent bid.

I have no crystal ball, but I wouldnt be surprized at all to see GNVC tank tomorrow at the least to 2.40 and maybe to 2.00

Looking at GNVC chart shows gaps at the 2.35-2.40 area and the 2.10-2.18 area

50 MA's at the 2.40 area
and the psychological line at 2.00

my gut says this is going down to 2.00

MMarino said...

What are you guys talking about? My platform shows Genvec trading at $00.71 in after hours trading. Extended hours trading has not been halted

"t said...
Marino,can you tell us about AEN ?

To start, there is 21.5 million shares outstanding, of which it yields a 12.4 million float. Sounds like insider confidence doesn't it? Three phase-III drugs and two phase-II drugs in a very diverse treatment range. The charts for this one look absolutely beautiful. Has strong momentum, and a green MACD.