Thursday, March 25, 2010

Road to the Final Five?

 VLE 240m

(1) Trend Model Sell Signal
(2) Completion of Five Waves Up
(3) Reversal at resistance (blue horizontal)
(4) Divergence in Elliott Oscillator (lower high)
(5) Break of Linear Regression Channel
(6) Vortex Bearish Cross-Over

TZA 240m

(1) Trend Model Buy Signal
(2) Completion of Five Waves Down
(3) Reversal at support (blue horizontal)
(4) Divergence in Elliott Oscillator (lower high)
(5) Break of Linear Regression Channel
(6) Vortex Bullish Cross-Over

These 240 minute charts are making a statement,  but they are not Daily charts so how significant a statement is unclear right now.  Should the late weakness of Thursday carry over into Friday, we focus on the Daily charts and Daily Trend Models.  If they flip as well, than its a whole new ballgame.  


Anonymous said...

"With fiery quickness: therefore prepare thyself;
The bark is ready, and the wind at help,
The associates tend, and every thing is bent"
~ Hamlet, IV, iii


SteveKore said...

Here's what's going to happen. We'll hit a bump in the road sometime soon and everybody and their mother (if she's still alive) will try and short the market.

Then, as if guided by the hand of God himself (or perhaps the government if you believe that sort of thing) we will get a huge push to the upside forcing a massive short squeeze and, once again, sending us to new highs.

Anonymous said...

So... the charts are saying something, but you won't know what it is until after it happens.

How does this help me?

Anonymous said...

I think you might be more right than wrong ,Steve.

I like the notion that :

1) Humpty Dumpty was pushed
2) contrary to the rest of the rhyme....they Can put him back together again.
they do it in after hours super (glue) computer trading.
3) If they want to allow the market to fall,uncontrolled (plunge protection team standing idle and watching) then next week would be a hideous time to let the market fall ....powered by the full moon reversal energy.

This would suggest that they...THEY...want to 'push Humpty' purposely.

I dont believe they want to do that like this now.

some other time maybe.
but now,they should want a soft,no-panic,moderate slide ,somewhere back to the 1150-1140 area ,put Humpty back on the wall, and sally forth.

worst case, a continued decline correction to hold at 1100.

then major blast off to 1200.rinse .repeat.

"earnest speculation"
not idle. energetically analyzing speculation.
from intensive contemplation comes occasional insight and bright light can dispell the darkened room.
theres the next signpost up ahead. the twilight zone.

full moon monday march 29.

TheHammersmith-Etsy said...

small breakout, NNVC... no volume unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

SP500 earning season effect chart

in light of above chart, consider AT&T took $1B charge today due to communist infestation

Grateful Dead Dark Star

Anonymous said...

FAZ is the one to look to buy ... when Allan gets indication, & etc.

In order to know why, read: More Than Meets The Bottom Line: Are Banks Getting Crushed Due To Negative Swap Spreads And The $154 Trillion IR-Derivative Market?

ps. here's the index that FAX tracks in reverse x3. The at danger banks are in the top ten holdings of this index.

Distant Train, Distant Thunder