Thursday, March 18, 2010

S&P Daily

SPX Daily Trend Model

Would the navy line above of helpful in trading this market?  It is the basis of my Trend Models and can be drawn on any tradable.  Some trend better then others, but the above trend does a pretty damn good job of tracking the general market.  Note how it is wrong right around intermediate changes in trend, but right just about all of the rest of the time.  Can we make this simpler?  No.  More complicated?  Yes.  Focus on the former, not the latter and you will be fine.


Anonymous said...


There is a repost of the Patrick Cox Agora Financial article on the nnvc yahoo board that you all should read, VERY good stuff.

It validates everything Allan has been saying, not that we didn't believe you Allan.


t said...

yes it does ,Mike
yes it does