Thursday, March 25, 2010

NNVC Daily EW & Trend Analysis

NNVC Daily

I've posted the Daily Trend Model above along with the suggested EW count, including the False Bar Stochastic which suggests that NNVC is trending and all stochastic sells should be ignored.  Add that to the Wave 3 suggested count and the technical picture here is about as bullish as it can get.  Speaking of which, all EW and FBS analysis courtesy of Advanced GET.


Anonymous said...

Looks good.

Allan, side note, any chance that you could post the same chart and signals for ....UPWRF and see what that stock says.?

A said...

UWRF shows a 4th wave following a 3rd pop-up, but trend model is on a Sell, so no trade there yet.

Anonymous said...


just curious. where might your buy signal line be at ?? for UPWRF

I see previous bottom zone around 1.89 area

t said...

This market that keeps going up and up is gonna make me nervous for next week, as calendar hits the full moon "Reversal" zone. Its a timing indicator I use. Last year it worked very well. so far this year theyve been changing the tempo. its tricky stuff. but ignore it at ones own peril. point being If its going to work as it has in the would reverse direction next monday or thereabouts and from this high tree top would be a strong push down.


The full moon zone from January 31 was a whipsaw but from the bottom market reversed up.... to this present.

From the february 28/march 1 full moon zone didnt trigger because the energy shifted gears the week prior (feb 22-25)

Now,from feb 25 bottom to the present has been 9 wave movements. you can count them on the S+P chart the 3 month daily chart will suffice. from feb 25 a strong hammer candlestick that started this wave structure. count the little waves. 9. today actually begins the 10th subwave.

Most wave structures last between 7 and 9 subwaves. and then they reverse.

the Indicators,stochastics,RSI,all of them ,for the S+P are very overbought.

and here comes the full moon next monday.

will it be a black monday or black tuesday??

Anonymous said...

ISCO is soaring today ,another 14 %

A said...

Re: full moon next week

See my new post, "Idle Speculation" for an idea of how all of this is coming together.