Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NNVC chart update

NNVC 480m Trend Model


Anonymous said...

anyone know what is moving the stock today? some news must be breaking or about to break?

A said...

Check out the iHun board, there is Federal law relating to vouchers for fast tracking orphan drugs that is right up NNVC's alley. A newsletter today speculated that this law could be worth $1B to NNVC.

Link to iHub board:


Anonymous said...

sweeeeet, if this pays off like i think it will, i will be making a large donation your way, DUDE!

A said...

Sorry, the speculation was that this could be worth $1B annually to NNVC. That wold be 6X NNVC's current market cap annually.

I'm still at $100/share by 2014.

Anonymous said...

Allan, i was looking at ISRG with revs of one billion currently trading at $355 , so your estimate might be a little low. LOL

A said...

Yes, I believe I am on the low end of true potential pricing here, but to post what I really think would strain credulity, even though it is likely to be proven correct.

Anonymous said...

In the famous words of that famous actor....yippie ki-yay.

Anonymous said...

Where was the newsletter posted?

Anonymous said...

Allan! your in the know on all mrkt related moves, what's the driving force today? desperate for a clue!

SteveKore said...

Sweet! Broke the 52 wk high and the volume is almost 1 mil.

I never sell because I don't know when news like this is going to come out and cause these stocks to run. Is there a target here where we might want to sell a bit and buy back lower?

Steve K. in L.A.

A said...

There is the voucher speculation addressed earlier, but my personal opinion is that with all the testing going on, someone knows something and they are using the newsletter write-up as cover to accumulate a position. That's an opinion, not a fact, but it explains today's action and would suggest significant follow-through in the days ahead.


t said...

I just read that biotech newsletter (Im a subscriber)

Its what Allan said, plus these key points..... Patrick Cox,who is as much of an expert on biotech stocks as Allan,or anyone can be, said.....that even now,the vast majority of the public STILL DOESNT KNOW ABOUT NNVC.
Thats important to consider for us, here, who have become NNVC junkies thru Allan's web site.

The greater public is still Just Beginning to discover NNVC.

This kind of news release to the public,ANY news releases from here on, Any research acvhievements, any FDA recognition, etc....ought to propel the run away train for NNVC.

Patrick Cox, also said,NOT to chase the stock, that it ought to flow up and down the way these penny biotech stocks always do.... he also advised that his newsletter readers not panic and jump so heavy into it that it draws so much attention that the stock goes hyperbolic now. He advised staying calm.

I believe that every confidence Allan has had about NNVC all this time is coming to certain fruition now.

There shouldnt be too much doubt at this point about NNVC.

Technical analysis,fibonacci, trendline, elliott wave ,etc .... showed NNVC correcting to the 1.10 area ,exactly like it just did. I wrote about it a few days ago.

I mentioned key s/r at 1.40 1.30
I mentioned the possibility of further bottoms below 1.00 at .90 and even .80

I said 1.10 area is as good an entry point as any.

Now the current pop up to 1.40 (key target area)
may give back a normal correction to retest the 1.30 and 1.20 support point.
...or it nay Not.

But I suspect 1.20 would now be the strong support (best buy area) 50 % fib off this latest move up from 1.10 to 1.40 (30 points) would offer a correction to 1.25

In terms of the value of owning NNVC there is probably no real difference in the long run, between owning it at 1.20 or 1.40

even though your cost basis for 5 thousand shares would be one thousand dollars now..... a 5 thousand share ownership may net you 400 or 500 thousand dollars profit....exactly as Allan predicted.

If NNVC drops back down to the 1.10 area when the excitement dies down, I would fully expect it to come back up in due time.

I hate to buy anything on the 'high' side

but NNVC has shown us enough to know that this is the real deal.

There shouldnt be any doubters from this point on.

Anonymous said...

I told myself in advance that they are going to kiss each others this week. yes NNVC and ISCO

Anonymous said...

A newsletter today speculated that this law could be worth $1B to NNVC.

can you let us know the name of the newsletter, thanks ...

t said...

Patrick Cox, newsletter 'Breakthrough Technology' from Agora financial. it costs about 750 a year.

P.C. also mentioned ISCO in his newsletter update....said he will be writing more about ISCO soon.

CURRENT (TUESDAY Mid Day) UPDATE on NNVC ...the Technical Analysis
Looking at a 10 day chart on 30 minute and 10 minute time frames.

The elliott wave structure on the 10 minute chart shows clear 5 wave up coming to completion with target around 1.50-1.55 area.

The 30 minute chart shows less sharp 5 wave structure.

The 10 minute and 30 minute charts showed these price points as the stock rose,and stopped and rose ... from 1.10 bottom at day's open
to 1.18
dipped to 1.14
rose to 1.22 and then to 1.33
dipped to 1.30 (key pivot point area)
rose to 1.35 and then 1.45
dipped to 1.37
rose back to 1.45

on the 10 minute chart showed more of a resting pause at the 1.25 and 1.33 point.

currently the target top in 5 elliott wave pattern looks like 1.50 area

A 50 % fib correction between 1.10 and 1.50 would return NNVC back to 1.30 ...right where the key pivot point support line is,for this move and for previous wave structure in recent days.(and weeks)

1.30 has been a critical s/r point ,as has been 1.20 and 1.25

I would hazard a guess that the opportunity to enter NNVC at 1.10 is gone.

1.30 to 1.20 may be the best bargain now. with 1.35-1.30 being the current pivot area.

Currently,NNVC is trying to hit new highs at 1.48 ,trying to hold bottom at 1.40 .in a struggle now between correcting and continuing up,IN a wave 4 pattern now. Current correction target is 1.37-1.35 area.

Key Moving avg. lines are at 1.33-1.35 area and 1.25 area

These may become the next important pivot points to watch 1.35 and 1.25

Anonymous said...

Another biotech stock POPPED even MORE than NNVC

BTIM up about 60 % in two days.

of course, because I just sold it last week. !!!!??

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog on the weekend and even subscribed to your service to test it out.
Of course I didn't heed the "go online and purchase NNVC right now" sentence on the right side of the page. That would have been yesterday. And wouldn't ya know it. I had a good laugh on that one. There's some weird law of the universe thing going on in that experience somewhere....
..anyway....what would you suggest from a technical / momentum standpoint at this time ? Just a pop and drop ? Or a continuation coming? Put in an order for $1.25.? Should I buy here and take the risk of dropping back to $1.10 ? On 5-10K shares that would be quite a bit of risk. Since nothing is a sure thing...
Just curious. Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Esoterically, theres an interesting "Cosmic Reality Balancing act" happening in the world now.

Its like a race between the evil forces of destruction represented by those war mongers who want to invade countries and drop nuclear bombs and create the evil new world order through chaos and destruction..... versus the Good forces of science in biotech development where we are at the point where companies like BTIM,NNVC,GNVC, etc are literally discovering the cures for deadly diseases, even cell regeneration that regenerates life....the forces of life and death ,good and evil,in a race to the finish line. as we approach the new age.

which one will win?

A said...

If you own no shares of NNVC, you should buy some now, even before reading the rest of this response.

[Elapsed time]

Now, buy some more whether it goes up or down, trying to get an averaged-in price over the course of the next few weeks.

t said...

I'm not Allan, but I did just post about exactly all these questions. for what its worth. (maybe not worth anything to you I guess...)

If you are looking at technical analysis for a decision,and you know how to do that.... look at a chart on many time frames, especially short time frames now, like the 10 day 10 minute..... and see where the fib levels go, etc... and buy there. or wait a few days for the smoke to clear,taking a chance that NNVC might drop back to 1.20 but also might not.

The difference in what it would cost to buy at 1.40 and buy at 1.20 is about a thousand dollars. which seems like a lot of money now. but when you compare that amount to the net of several Hundred thousand profit on this homerun stock.... its just basic no brainer math.

for what its worth.

Anonymous said...

T, Great comments, appreciate your input. Keep posting. Doug

Anonymous said...

ISRG has 1/4 the shares NNVC does, thus the higher stock price. Looking for that 100/share myself. hi hi.....

Anonymous said...

Casino Royale - In the Mood for Love

NNVC, ven! vid!, vic!

SteveKore said...


Thought you might find this article interesting:

FDA Releases New Food Code Recommendation for Ozone on Food

Go Gauchos!

Anonymous said...

I just dont understand Latin too good.... but this guy's posts are always curious. Maybe he's the Priory of Scion guy....hey give us another insider tip. Paladium,or platinum isnt gonna work now.

t said...

Thanks,Doug for the kind word.

Somebody else made an interesting comment about Allans blog, like ,what was it, some kind of cosmic alignment strange something....ah I should go back and read it again...but I wanted to second that...because Thats exactly how I discovered this blog. and then when you get here and ,if youre tuned in, you notice this NNVC thing , and the way it hit me was like this really intuitive cosmic hit.... like a voice that said.... Buy this stock,just like he said.

and of course thats no way to invest, which makes it even more bizarre.... but really, there is some kind of ....cosmic energy here,in this blog of Allans.
the fact he lets us participate and add to it maybe makes it all the better.