Friday, March 19, 2010

Biotechnology Sector Trend Models

BTK is the AMEX Biotechnology Sector Index and provides a good heads-up view of the health of the Biotechnology Sector.  Below are my Weekly, Daily and 480_minute Trend Models of  BTK.  

BTK Weekly

BTK Daily

BTK 480

I have about thirty biotechnology stocks under review for inclusion in a Basket of Biotech's which I intend to send out this weekend.  After I narrow them down to the most bullish charts and trends, I'll be looking at fundamental stories.  To everyone who has been sending me biotech ideas this week, many thanks for taking the time to bring these stocks to my attention.  Some of these ideas have been compelling, to say the least.



Anonymous said...

Would basket be available for non subscribers?

A said...

Eventually, maybe, but for starters out of the gate, it's a subscriber-only list.