Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ninety minute charts

Still in Long trend mode, but if and when these flip Short, look out below.



Anonymous said...

Still the same rhetoric about flipping short. Well, I'm flipping one middle finger long to you and this blog. Hope you lose all your assets.

A said...

Thank you for your kind words and gesture. It's readers like you that make all of this so worthwhile. Don't be a stranger.

John B said...

Anonymous - Just follow the chart's instead of bad mouthing Allan. Did you call last fall's crash like Allan did? BTW why do you keep visiting this blog????

Allan - Keep up the good work, its really appreciated.


Addy said...

Has Anonymous lost a lot of money after reading this blog and is blaming it on you?

Anonymous said...

The wonderful human being above reminds me of a recent audio presentation I listened to by great trader MARK COOK.

Apparently, he was writing column for BARON'S at the time. He made a bearish call at a time when many were bullish and had life threats!

Why do I get the feeling I've already taken this poor soul's money before?

TIP: Although I've been getting more out of this blog than any paid newsletter, I follow my methodology/systems religiously regardless of what Allan, Buffett, or anyone else says.

Conquering emotion is the most important aspect of trading. If you don't, the pros WILL take your money until bitter defeat knocks on your door.


Anonymous said...

There's always hockey.

Anonymous said...

watch cep

T said...

..nice charts to look at.
It finished 5 waves up ,that took 6 days to complete.
(I'm calling that wave 'a' of the a-b-c (wave 2) I'm watching out for.
Now,I'm looking for wave 'b' down to the 1020-1030 area,circa 4 or 5 trading days to play out. followed by the wave 'c' back up. If that takes 6 days more....might take the 'timing' zone to october 21 area...exactly on the next new moon (reversal time) and completion of the a-b-c (wave 2)

Critical Crunch Time will be the period from october 17 thru november 4.

I wouldnt be surprized to see some kind of Major political/economic announcement that happens around november 2 ( a monday open?)
that acts as a major trigger of Market movement,either up a new leg (wave 5) to 1200....or down (wave 3 ) to 940 on disasterous news .