Thursday, October 15, 2009


The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, 300% of the inverse daily performance of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index The fund will invest at least 80% of assets in securities that comprise the index. It will also utilize financial instruments that, in combination, provide leveraged and unleveraged exposure to the index. The fund is nondiversified.

EDZ 90 minute

I published above the description EDZ, but it doesn't really matter much. This is a clear cut BUY signal, no matter what the underlying security happens to be. This is a consummate technical analysis trade, based solely on a chart pattern.

Now back to Dick Cavett appearing on Imus (Fox Business).


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Anonymous said...

Can we analyze this chart a little?
If it were to play out as a 'correction' would the 'rule' be that it targets the area between the wave 3 and wave 4 endpoints? i.e. somewhere between what looks like 6.22 and 6.52 on your chart?
in 3 discernible waves a-b-c to the target?
I'm guessing your computer system just says long and exit and thats all you need to follow,but for those without such a 'thinkolator',who have to do the mental gyrations,how would you imagine playing this?