Thursday, October 15, 2009


Trading GS is tantamount to trading the Illuminati, but if you're up to it, there are some significant moves to be had.

240 minute

On the above 240 minute chart, the Wave 5 channel has held, so far. If GS drops and stays below 185, that is the signal-trigger to short, short short.

90 minute

But this bugger is already short. GS is now synonymous with Western Civilization, as such, this is not a pretty sight. Couple this with the channel break on the 240 minute chart, it will have very negative implications for the general market.


That said, note that the above Daily chart remains Long and that it will take a daily close below 180 to turn it (and the universe) negative.



Anonymous said...

Oil is nuts...

Anonymous said...

what is your latest assesment of nnvc

A said...


If their stuff works (and it does) then they are addressing a cumulative market of $40B. My $100 a share price within 4.5 years (used to be 5 years) stands (probably 5X that valuation).

rob g said...

when do you think nnvc will go from the lab and into human trials? thats when i think we will get a signifiantly higher valuation. imo

rob g

DreamIt Ventures said...

For what it's worth...todays price at .74 represents a fib 61.8% retracement from the intraday low in .08 of .39 and the intraday high in '09 of 1.29. Despite being a very low volume stock, many of the other changes to the price trends on NNVC paused or stopped at fib levels between these two prices. Obviously if the market tanks soon this may go down w/ the market but this might be an interesting spot to pick up a few shares.

Seattle's Daily Daydream said...

I like NNVC, the outlook on the 10K in regards to securing more debt to sustain the ongoing research is the only concern...I am thinking of picking up 5000 shares of Allan's requisite 10000 shares here this week...but again would love more opinions.

Anonymous said...

Ive been wanting also to ask Allan ,or anyone else able to do the math (besides myself) what would be a decent price to Buy More nnvc.
Are the days of .65 gone,Allan? Is .74 the best likely price? Should we wait for a general market correction? or is nnvc moving according to its own separate dynamic (decoupled from the general market)?
I have my $10k purchase(at.81)
I imagine buying another $5k at .74 wouldnt change my cost basis enough to warrant it.
I guess I'd need to wait for price to drop to the .65 area again,for it to make a worthwile difference.
I would suggest to new buyers that .74 is a lot better price than .81.....and if the fib level is a key support line here, this might be your best buying moment.

Keep in mind,the bigger picture.
This is a long term play ,as Allan describes, and IF it is going to play out with success,-- .65 per share,or .74,or .81 will be negligible.
Allan, do you have any gut feeling about whether nnvc would likely drop back to the .65 area ?

Edwardo said...

Don't pick a price, folks, wait for the indicators to tell you to buy. The PMO (as per Decisionpoint) on the daily is still falling. When it bottoms out, and in the meantime if the weekly does not crossover its signal line to the downside, then consider buying.

A said...

Re: NNVC adding shares

Average down, there is no telling when some announcement will vault the shares well over triple figures.

Anonymous said...

Allan, Allan, don't really think one pr will send NNVC from .74 to triple digits, do you?

Maybe 1.00.

A said...

Re: Triple digits

I meant over $1.00, "three digits." So we are in agreement.

Anonymous said...

nnvc: It is probable to reach down to a level of .49/.50 ps by the later of Nov. That much is worth waiting to find out. .29 in 11/07, .39 in 11/08 and so on and.....

Anonymous said...

.......Oct.15 "do you think nnvc will ever hit .65 again?"
...... 'BLINK'.......oct.16...
----- 65.

.a further drop to 49 would scare me. theres so much critical support at 50/52 area....49 would be a failure.

I agree , Eduardo, about watching the indicators for the trigger point, but the price level is important at the same time.