Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five easy pieces

SPX Daily

Big picture perspective

SPX Daily

Closer-up with Monday's Sell triggers

I N T R A - D A Y

SPX 240 minute

Trend line up from Summer Lows

SPX 60 minute

ATR & FBS Confirmation Swing Sells

SPX 13 minute

This 13 minute chart with ATR effectively
traded S&P all last week



Anonymous said...

Would it be bullish if the 2007 line is broken to the upside?

a different anonymous said...

Would it also be bullish if the market falls to the july low (a scarey but necessary correction) and Holds there and starts a good move back up ?

T said...

Allan,how can a person obtain the trading systems you use?

Edwardo said...

A different Anonymous wrote:

"Would it also be bullish if the market falls to the july low (a scarey but necessary correction) and Holds there and starts a good move back up ?"

-That, in essence, is what Terry Laundry's TTheory is forecasting. A low next month/early December, followed by the market moving higher until August of 2010. The bear resumes at that point.

Before you scoff, please know that Mr. Laundry has been in the business of forecasting for 30 years, and his record is excellent. He has called this bear market to, dare I say it, a T.

Anonymous said...

allan, any comments on nnvc's recent activity and new obama declaration of h1n1 emergency?

T said...

Thanks Eduardo for that info. Yes, its something Ive been forecasting myself for a while. I'll have to google Terry Laundry to learn more.

Every expert,at least the elliott wavers , seem to be calling this the end of wave 2 and are waiting for the start of the big crash wave 3 down.
I think a major crash of this magnitude would only happen if triggered by War.(which is,of course,possible with these corrupt and bankrupt governments )....and also if the NWO Elite Controllers of Global Agendas somehow have decided that the next step in their new world order plans is to kick off a great war,because they believe thats their best choice to reshape the world power structure... well, I could see the global market crashing down around that plan.

that would be the dark scenario.

the more positive scenario, would be a necessary market correction,allowed to drop to a desired level and a desired speed,over weeks,so that the public doesnt panic,and the fed/GS/market engineers can manufacture a stick save Hold at the july bottom....and from there ,to begin the next wave up.

completely engineered in the rigged game, but ....this is what a rigged game is all about.
as FDR said,about politics...."Nothing in politics happens by chance..."
The market will go where the Controllers want it to go. it will stop where They want it to stop.

Prechter's call for the wave 2 completion on august 3 was not incorrect,in terms of elliott wave counting.
But it Was incorrect in terms of 'Rigged Game' Controller Government engineer's Master Plan .

I count elliott waves...and they are great during those times when the market is being left alone,unmanipulated. but they dont seem to work quite right at other times.... and I believe now after watching it a while, those times when it 'doesnt work' is because the Master Controllers of the rigged game are stepping in and affecting changes.

I'm watching right now,to see what they do in the coming 10 days,as the market moves right into the terminal station at 1100 s+p.
Watch what happens at the critical trendlines and see if you notice engineered manipulation.
I'm expecting it at all critical times.
I am expecting to see it in a correction to the june top or july bottom.major stick saves.

I believe they just did one october stop the hemmorage of the first major down turn,and abate major panic selling, that was building up in the public readiness since the june top. then august top.after 6 months of indicators screaming Overbought....
The market was plunging at panic speed the last week of september,I believe would have become wholesale sell off panic if the Masters of the rigged game didnt stop it with a stick the first obvious point ....1000.

and it worked.
the next week they did the next trick.... driving the market wave above the trendline and to a new high,negating the wave count.

what an easy game to engineer.

I dont know if Terry Laundry incorporates 'conspiritorial' thinking into his analysis...but I cant see how to logically ignore it.
I just want to get good at playing along with it.

A said...

Allan,how can a person obtain the trading systems you use?

Marry me.

Seriously, my friend and long time collaborator Joe is working on an auto-trader program that will automatically monitor ATR setups, issue signals and then auto-trade those signals through Interactive Brokers' trading platform. Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Have you signed a partnership agreement with Joe yet?

Anonymous said...

LOL ,Allan,if I was a girl,I would marry you !
then again if your system makes you a hundred million I might marry you anyway... !?!
I'm learning to trade and invest...all in my own head,so far...just a novice really, with a mind for numbers and symbols and puzzle game analysis.
but I see the value of some automated ,or computer system ,programmed right, to 'see' the important indications,minute data,staying on the right side of the law of averages,etc,....even if it just functions as a trigger signal, and I can decide whether to pull the trigger is worth considering.
I thought you might be using automated systems like market club stuff or the ,what is it,blue wave technology....isnt that what you use??

Anonymous said...

Allan, keep us posted on when one can buy your auto-trading program.
Can one pre-order? Don

Anonymous said...

As I understand it the trading platform Allan and Joe are working on, yields 5% per month, has a superb equity curve and is available ONLY to his hedge fund investors. If you don't invest in his fund I do not think you get the program. If you buy in, you get it and support for free.

Or so I hear.

Alain in France

Anonymous said...

Yes. I am in Allan's massively profitable hedge fund, have been for years, and only members of the fund can get the program. It cannot be sold.

FYI, using the program on my own I'm up 256% in 3 months.

A said...


Re: HF

I'm not sure who you are, would you please email me at: