Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Just stock-charts Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Will you be doing an update in the near future on your flu basket of stocks? I missed the original entries but I am now watching for a new ATR long signal after these stocks have pulled back.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for allowing us in your dojo.

Your mechanical charting program blows away most anything I've seen to date (Even those ABLESYS ads in magazines).

However, even with these great tools I'd love to know how you successfully trade intraday?

Everytime I look at intraday charts I see great trends, then chop........never knowing which will appear 1st.

Perhaps I'm asking for the HOLY GRAIL?

White Belt

Anonymous said...

I was watching CNBC a little while ago and they we're talking about Avis (CAR). The stock hit the low of .34 in early March and now trades at about 12.60 after almost a 6% drop today.

Currently about a 37 bagger.

Marty! Pull the DeLorean out of the garage and test the Flux Capacitor...

Vince in Norfolk