Monday, October 12, 2009

Long ideas

These first two are from the GSA model portfolio:


Proprietary analysis from GSA


Proprietary analysis from GSA

This one from a guy who works out in the same gym as Scarlet Johansson




Unknown said...

always enjoy your chests....I mean charts.

Anonymous said...

Hello Allan
I appreciate your blog it's excellent. Alot of good ideas. I would like to share one of my ideas with you and your readers It's EZCH I believe it's at the cusp of going higher. Sales have been increasing, it;s an semiconductor (npu's) I've been following ezch for ten years, a Gilder recommendation. Market Club gives it +70.

Anonymous said...

Fat glands is all they are.

Anonymous said...

you mean Scarlett Johansooooon ...
she is so cute ...

Anonymous said...

I know I am not very well known here unlike other frequent posters,
but EZCH is one I will vouch for as well.
I have been long EZCH for a couple years and am a strong believer in their tech as well. Ciscos's volumes, through their partnmership with Marvell, should start showing some pretty interesting strides forward in this coming quarterly results or in the next.