Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mostly Charts Wednesday

Value Line Daily Sell Signal

Russell 2000 Daily Sell Signal

Thursday Levels for SPX Daily Sell Signal

TZA Daily Buy Signal

FAZ Daily Buy Signal

Trading Notes

As can be surmised from the above charts, all of my intra-day charts, i.e. 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute, 120 minute and 240 minute have given their own Sell Signals. Most of the inverse ETF's from yesterday waffled since my entries, but finished today decisively in Buy modes.

Web-Bot Project and October 25th*

*The Red Wings are in town Thursday night, so I need to report this now, just in case I am incapacitated either at or because of the game and cannot get this out before Friday.

"In running our MOM (model of modelspace) cleanup of the lexicon prior to tuning, it became apparent that October 25 turn in emotions globally will be dominated by a [lock down/implosion] of the [planetary financial/banking system]. The data suggests that such things a [currency trading] and [commodities trading] as well as many other [digital trading forms] will be [suspended]. Some will never resume, or if they do, they will be in entirely different forms. There may be a [banking lock up] in many countries emanating from the USofA outward."

I have not researched this organization and although they claim some pretty significant hits (like 9/11 & Katrina) I too find the premise of the above paragraph preposterous. Nonetheless, it doesn't cost much to hold some puts over the weekend (that is, if you are not already SHORT via your trading methodology of choice).



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Are you using the same 7/1.5 ATR settings for daily as you are for weekly? I am not getting the same levels in Ninja Trader.


Bryan Matthews said...

Short /ES from 1087.50.

The webbots predicted a 'coastal event' this past summer that didn't come to pass.

Amusing tinfoil - every time he threatens to shut it down, the followers give him more money.

A said...

Eric: I am using 7 and 1.5 in my ATR for all time periods;

Sound Center: They seem to have a number of near misses that would suggest there is something there besides random coincidence.

Re: Dylan Ratigan: I watched just one, on how GS used TARP money to make billions for their own accounts; our own version of the British Crown.

Anonymous said...

Allen, everytime you think the market is going down, it keeps popping back up, and what is that all about ...

Anonymous said...

Allan you are getting your face ripped off on a daily basis. This blog is freakin hilarious. I have learned so much from you on what not to do in the markets. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Allan is also trading the daily trend. I am expecting the market to tank one of these days but that does not stop me from making $$ trading. I was in at 107750 and out at 109000 on the emini. 20 contracts for $12,500.


Anonymous said...

Allan trades his system and while he is getting whip sawed, he is making money with the trend. All you have to do is understand his methodology...which he openly shows and articulates here if you're smart enough to understand it...which clearly you're not. Morons like you are a dome a dozen...your comments make you look like an ass, and idiot and an uninformed antagonizer. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous "Allen, everytime you think the market is going down, it keeps popping back up, and what is that all about ..."

Check out the following blog article for more insight on what is going on in the market:

Zero Hedge is another good site to read for market insight on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...


We long timer's, or long termer's, respect you and your excellent efforts to try and educate us.

We are thankfull that you continue to publish your ideas, and we wish you could be right 100% of the time.

When you are wrong we shall reserve the right to howl like a bunch of angry dogs at you. That is our right and we will not give it up.

Warmest regards from NYC, joe

Unknown said...

Off Thread
The Nanoviricide faithful are getting very nervous. The steady Chinese water torture drip of the stock is disconcerting. Have you spoken to Dr. Seymour lately. We need some reasurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not an oncoming train.

Don Bozeman

Anonymous said...

NNVC: intra low Nov 07 @ .29, Nov 08 @ .39, Nov 09 @ .49(?) I say were trending up!

tapped out said...

Looks like I need to bury my seed money at .49 and then when nnvc arrives at the other end of the rainbow it will have grown into a pot of gold!

A said...


There can be a host of reasons for weakness in price, none of which reflect on the merits of the company and its products. My opinion on the prospects for the company and its share price remain unchanged after three years of close scrutiny of company developments and occasional contacts with management. That said, a few times a year the stock presents just excellent risk:reward opportunities in mindless selloffs. Observe and react.