Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Why Everyone Should Take The Next Market Sell Signal

The story being told by these charts is not a signal to sell the market. It is suggestion that when the Intermediate (Daily) Trend Models reverse Short, that the trade will have significant downside potential.

More on this, along with trading ideas. if and when the models reverse down.


Anonymous said...

But this is just lines on charts. Where are the fundamentals?

Prechter is bullish. Abby Joseph Cohen is a rabid bull...

New to this forum. Give me reason d' etre!


Anonymous said...

As a point of introduction, I am Carouac Clees.

Originally from Minneapolis, I worked for Fidelity for some time. Now, living in International Falls, MN, I manage my family’s institutional trust. I no longer manage outside funds.

I have been following this blog with some level of interest. As far as technical analysis goes, the charts here show quite a bit of expertise. I look forward to reading more & learning.

Carouac Clees