Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Days Ahead

There are some changes coming, lets preview the days ahead so no one gets blindsided.

First, a spanking new web site for  I got a sneak preview yesterday and it is a professional job from start to finish.  I like it much better then the old one,  you will too.

Second, I will be making my first public appearance, here in Scottsdale, to promote trend following as the way to make money in stocks.  I prepared a 40 minute presentation in Keynote, so it will be an audio-visual experience. The production manager says I need to be outfitted upscale, so I will wearing a suit that cost about 1/2 as much as my first car, a 1971 Chevrolet Vega.  It had the first (and last) aluminum engine block from General Motors and after a year, it burned about a quart of oil every 100 miles.  I hope the new suit does a little better.

Third, I haven't decided what the third change is going to be.  But something/someone is missing these days. Maybe it was not so subtly set out in my previous blog. Or maybe its that I find myself back to all work and little play, where dreams diminish and memories fill in the holes.  Yet the search goes on for that destined, or is it mythical, bright shining star; that light that lays hidden somewhere in the caverns of life.

This morning I went to Starbucks for a Verona and a shot (expresso).  They know me by name there, another recent change that can only be attributed to waking up here, instead of there.  And only one coffee, not two.  Everywhere things have changed, everywhere a reminder that from moment to moment, life needs to be appreciated for what it is, not what it should be, or what we want it to be. Life changes, for better or for worse.

I used to get 2,000 hits a day on this blog. Since going to AllanTrends, that number has dropped in half. Maybe its my bad, for going for the money. I don't know how many of you are new here,  I suspect most of you have been with me for all these years.  You know me better then anyone.  You know that my passion in life is not the stock market, it's passion itself;  deep romantic attachment, a shared intimacy of life.  With it, I cannot be defeated. Without it, I wander in the desert, no, not the literal desert that is this valley in Arizona, but the desert of lost contentment.

We find ourselves there once again, you and I.  You continue to be my best friend. The only one with who I share these thoughts and feelings.  That is a good thing.  Or maybe  that is a bad thing.  I don't know, nor care anymore.  

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