Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Turning Down

Every once in awhile I post my subscribers update here, just to show how smart I am.  Well, at least how well my trading system works....let's not get carried away, Allan.


Turning Down
No new Daily signals today, but we didn’t need any.  Virtually the entire portfolio of Indices, Commodities, ETF’s and Stocks were profitable and in sync with their Daily Trends.  Remember what a big deal I made about the new Dow Jones Industrial Average Trend Model?  It’s early warning SELL SIGNAL is looking pretty good here and what’s more, it is closing in on a Weekly Sell.
Five of the seven Commodity trades are in positive territory, with Silver leading the way with a 15.36% gain since its recent SELL SIGNAL.  Both USO (OIL) and TLT (Bonds) have gained about 5% each.  Watch out for Gold, it just barely missed going LONG today.
Fourteen of the fifteen stocks in our stock portfolio are profitable, with GOOG and GS SELL SIGNALS leading the way down with 14% and 18% gains, respectively.  The only lagging group are the gold stocks, but even there, a mixed picture, 50/50 profitable.
Are we on the verge of a major selloff?  The DJIA Weekly and VXX Daily Models will confirm one first, so let’s keep an eye on those two trend models.
Indices & Commodities
Stocks & Golds

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