Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter on Kiawah Island

Where I lived at the beach, Easter Sunday's were dominated by the children. By plastic colored eggs hidden amid the treasures of a 10,000 year old maritime forest, snuggled up against the sands and shells of Kiawah Island.

Yes, I have written about this time and place before, a magical decade for me and my family, my girls, our dog Clare and the crumbling marriage that eventually chased me far away.   But it was those early Spring Easters that arise up in my memory today.  The sweet ocean air descending upon a field filled with the joy of innocent little kids, followed closely by the joy of their smiling, protective parents with the clicking of their cameras, the reuniting of old friends.

Easter on Kiawah Island, as perfect a day ever.



Camp Day 8-18-08 said...

Thursday, April 28, 2011 9:35:52 AM
Re: EpicStocks post# 21830 Post # of 21847
NNVC more info

Have you done any fundamental research on this company? It's a shell corporation setup on the OTC by a private company Theracour Pharma, Inc., which you can't find any info on. So they could sell stock! All the research done, is under licensing agreements with Theracour Pharma, Inc.

Between Theracour Pharma, Inc. & Seaside 88, LP [the new 2010/2011 funder] which may be another shell of Theracour Pharma, Inc. (can't find any info on them either) NANOVIRICIDES, INC. has had millions and millions and millions of common share dilution dumped into the open market.

First Theracour Pharma, Inc. dumped on a schedule for a year and a half.
Theracour Pharma, Inc. 2009

March 2010 Shelf registration for $40 mill over 3 years.

Then this new funder took over the task of raising cash for insiders.
Seaside 88, LP
in 2010
and now 2011

And Seymour Eugene of the same address as Theracour Pharma, Inc. sold 2.5 mil Nov 2010 just at the end of the 6 month walkdown. Perfect timing. LOL

Can you say manipulation?

What got me researching was a long look at the chart, where I found a typical OTC TEMP JOB. Thought there is manipulation in temp job stocks so check for funding and found the above. Also I was curious why the stock had been over a buck for over a year, but the company hasn't filed to up list? Smoke !!! Most bio's can't wait to get on the big boards.

Welcome to my mind!


Camp Day 8-18-08 said...

All Alan
I know you love nnvc
Lowtrade is a very well known ihub investor

A said...

It doesn't take any special knowledge or expertise to post on iHub, hell, I can do it. I've had Dr. Seymour in my living room. I know what they are trying to achieve and I know the ramifications if they do. The naysayers are all short the stock, so their comments are expected. My name is real and my identity is not hidden, you could even show up a my door if you care to. When I can say the same for an NNVC basher, I might be more interested in their minds.