Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NNVC Valuation - continued

I last touched upon the valuation of NNVC on April 15, 2008. In my blog of that date, duly titled "NNVC Valuation," I made the case,
"NNVC is a more compelling buy today at $0.65 then it was when I first mentioned it here at $0.10, before it ran to $3.75. Then, it was pure speculation. Now, it has taken its first steps as a genuine biotechnology company."
What about today, 60 days later, with the price up at $1.60?

Here is a post by the same advocate of these shares that I used in my April blog and who is probably more knowledgeable about Nanoviricides then anyone outside of the company's CEO and Chairman of the Board.

"In the next 5 years I'm expecting a 100 to 500 bagger from current prices. Simple matter of doing the math on approval and stockpiling of drugs for Influenza, HIV, EKC and HEP B and C.

Influenza = $3 billion
HIV = $3 billion
EKS = $3 bilion
HEP B & C = $3 billion

"15% royalty for NNVC = $1.8 billion with a multiplier of 25 times earnings leaves a market cap of $45 billion or $300 a share. Now throw in one drug approval every 6 months and what do you get?"


Takeaway: In the past sixty days the trickle of news out of NNVC has caused someone who knows more about the company then either you or I to raise his valuation of the company by 50%, about another $100 per share.



Singlengle said...

I got ny first 1000 shares at .41 PURE LUCK but you know, you take em where you get em

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for this one, bought 5000 shares at .45. I owe you a beer if you come to Ann Arbor maybe
dinner too.
Kevin in Ann Arbor

aaallantrader said...

How about we take in a Red Wing game? I've never been to the Joe.


Anar said...

Hi Allan et al,

Will you be continuing to purchase more. It seems like at 1.65 the stock is at a nice breakout. Are you holding on long term?


aaallantrader said...

anar, i think i have enough nnvc as i was buying heavily about the time i posted here a few months ago that it was looking good technically at around $0.60. Yes, I am holding for the long term for now and am not even tempted to try to trade around the dips. I want to be fully loaded when the fireworks begin (July 4th would be fitting).