Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm Back

Google had temporarily frozen this Blog while they were investigating a complaint about content. Someone or something apparently didn't want me publishing my opinions, thoughts and/or the truth about some of my favorite subjects. They accused AllAllan as being a "Spam" blog. Kind of like Cramer spams his charitable trust to generate subscription revenue for his company, you know, the one where he is the majority shareholder.

It took Google 24 hours to "investigate" and restore posting privileges. But their practice of shooting first and asking questions later doesn't make any sesne. They could have read the Blog first and realized it did not violate any of their definitions of spam.

Who would want to silence The Anti-Cramer and who would have enough status and power to bully Google to act first and ask questions later?

It doesn't reflect well on Google, but is certainly consistent with a certain little Napoleon, who in the words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, "Can't handle the truth."

Well, I am back and more motivated then ever.



Anonymous said...

"... and who is like unto The Anti-Cramer; and who can make war with him?"

Revelation Book 13.

Enough said.

Mark in Sandy Utah

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

We meet again! I only wish it were under different circumstances.

We Greeks take our stock conquests serious as we do our ouzo... Unfortunately for the stock conquests!

Dumped 30,000 shares at a 90% profit of NTRZ yesterday. Still holfding 35,000.

Southern Greece

Gary said...

Seems that Google is becoming the US Government

Allan said...


Glad to hear of your trade. It would be helpful for me to know, for future trade ideas, what helped your decide to invest so much in NTRZ:

(1) My picking it;
(2) My giving reasons for the pick;
(3) Other (please explain).

There are more coming, so please help me make them attractive for all to profit from as the only way to to play.



Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

Yes but of course, I bought the stock because:

1) You suggested it;

2) I checked the news and liked the upside and there is very little downside to a 77 cent stock.

3) Perhaps I misread your post, I put very little money into this trade, only 65,000 shares total. Did not "pyramid."


4) Always use trailing stops on your picks!!! Tres important! Saved my buttocks on MYE!!

5) Gut feeling, no anti-Greek signs for the stock.

Note: Yes I did visit Lesbos as well where we did partake of our fair share (everyone's share) of ouzo!

Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

Google's slogan, "Don't be evil" apparently is not meant for Google.. but for it's users?!?!

As always, power corrupts, making the good do bad!

Anonymous said...

What I'd truly like to see form is an AllAllan "gentlemen's club" with an actual place of meeting where we could get together and trade.

It could be called the:


In the mean time, I would be willing to form the entity electronically.


Mark in Sandy Utah

Anonymous said...

Mark,I would participate.

Eric said...

If Allan could add a side bar to the blog that displays "Recent Comments" it might be pretty close. Then no matter where you put a comment, on whatever post, you could see the most recent comment on a side bar.


Anonymous said...

How do we get access to your recent trades, if you are doing 1 to 8 trades a day?

I just listened to your interview.