Tuesday, September 04, 2007


SPZI is a pink sheet stock selling for just over a penny a share.

Here is a recent profile from Wall Street Finance.

Here is link to the SPZI Investors Hub Board

Here is a snapshot of what they do:

Spooz, Inc. invents and markets revolutionary trading technology and solutions for professional trader’s, active traders, and financial institutions. After four years in development and $2.5 million invested Spooz is rolling out its first two major revenues producers.

The market cap of SPZI is under $6MM. Lot's of room to run if even any of the hype is real. Bought several hundred thousand shares this morning, looking to add if my DD going forward pans out.



abbass said...

hey great site. I really enjoy it..


Anonymous said...

Allan, could you kindly expand further on your thoughts about SPZI? I enjoy your site also.
Thank you.