Friday, January 12, 2007


I came across this Merrill Lynch report on Uranium, published in July, 2006, covering the the fundamentals of the sector and recommending several stocks.

The Dines Letter annual forecast issue is due out any day now and I suspect there will be more on uranium picks in that issue. Meanwhile, our uranium picks FRG and PNP.TO are pulling back a bit on the worldwide commodity prices drop, maybe a buying opportunity in those names. Uranium, according to Dines at least, is not just a commodity anymore, he considers it the investment opportunity of a lifetime.



Anonymous said...

i think urz is also a good play in the uranium arena.
also check urasia.

off subject.
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Anonymous said...

Allan, I'm looking for a sally self administration page to add/remove emails?

I'd like to remove email:

BTW: I can't find the URL to the uranium news site I get weekly emails from. Watch out for a near term dump in U price. The term is: 2007 the year of the hicup

Seems speculators have hoarded 2.5 times the US U annual production. When or if they dump, U prices may drop. It's a risk anyway. I'd be interested in any analysis of this issue. Stockinterview has good authors and postings IMHO.


Mukesh said...

Anybody know which uranium company is this from Australia located in Queenland's Mount Isa?
By June 2007 This $1.30 Company Could Explode With
Quadruple-Digit Profits
Allowing a Small Group of Savy Investors to Become the First
New Nuclear-Age Millionaires!

Allan said...

Anybody know which uranium company is this from Australia located in Queenland's Mount Isa?

Anonymous said...

The uranium company in queensland mount isa is summitresources. smm on the asx