Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Not All Insider Buys Are Created Equal

On February 11, 2005, a Director of Edgar Online bought $27K worth of EDGR on the open market for about $1.41 a share. Two days earlier this Director bought about $2K worth of EDGR for $1.33 a share.

Nothing to write a blog about?

By Valentine's day, the stock was up to $1.75, a tidy 20% move. A week later $2.33. By February 28th, the stock closed at $2.45. Yesterday, March 1, it touched $2.70. Today, EDGR is running, opening at $2.65 and has printed as high as $3.49.

True to my system, I was in and out of EDGR on February 11th, for about a 4% daytrade gain. The other 150% or so of gain was left on the table. There's a lesson here.

If anyone knows what that lesson is, please comment.


Anonymous said...

Do you keep track of how all your day trades do after a week, two weeks, month, etc?

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Anonymous said...

The lesson my friend is that these occassional big percentage gains that get left on the table are the bear traps that will tempt you to abandon your disipline (your system). Do not allow yourself to be tempted in this way. I would give my left nut to be doing what you are doing with your system that works. Don't screw it up!!!!