Monday, January 10, 2005

Insider Trade

At 3:32 PM (ET) today, my insider service, SEC Analytics posted a filing by a Director of Universal Display Company (PANL). This Director bought $124,256 worth of PANL stock on the open market. Noteworthy is the fact that the stock is just off it's 52 week lows, has $1.88 a share in cash, no debt for an $8 stock and it's in a hot technology sector, OLED - organic light-emitting diode technologies. This was enough to trigger a Buy for me at an average price of $8.03 a share. PANL closed twenty-eight minutes later at $8.42 a share, about 5% above my purchase price. Not bad for a half-hour's work.

But is that the end of this story? With a strong balance sheet, a hot technology sector and an Insider with a good track record (he last sold PANL shares at $16 a share), this one may be worth holding a few days, or longer.

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