Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day, Part II

CNBC Update:

Instead of CNBC, I am watching The Don Patrick Show (Fox Sports) where today, Don Patrick is interviewing two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models.

"I don't recognize you with clothes on," says Patrick.

The girls giggle.

One is from Connecticut, the other from South Africa. They both played sports. Patrick pulls out the swimsuit issue.

"Why is your top off? he asks Connecticut.

"I was hot," she answers.

A photo of South Africa fills the screen. She is almost naked and holding the leash of a cougar, or tiger, or something with four legs. I never did get a good look at it.

Connecticut is married. South Africa is looking for a boyfriend.

Cramer is recommending stocks on CNBC....I guess.

"We're normal," says one of them to a question that I missed.

"Have you ever been with a sportscaster?" asks Patrick, "Say one who has handed out the Super Bowl trophy?"

VXX just misses going LONG, or more accurately, I wasn't paying attention to VXX.

Their smiles fill the screen, they are beautiful barbie dolls with sweet personalities, young, happy, gifted specimens women. Good luck and take care.

Happy Valentines Day......finally.


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