Saturday, February 04, 2012

Aspen, Colorado

I've never been to Aspen, Colorado. But sometimes at night I lay in bed and think that in the morning, I'm moving to Aspen. What wonders might be awaiting me in this new, strange place? Who might be there, waiting her entire life for this stranger to show up out of no where, who on a whim decided he should move to Aspen, Colorado. They say it's cold there in the winter and almost perfect in the summer. That would fit well with the rest of my life, almost perfect.

How warm the fires would seem on those cold February nights. Snow falling quiet, white, pristine, while we stare into the the flame and tell each other the stories of our lives. When the time is right we retreat into the bedroom and snuggle closely under warm, wool blankets and wonder aloud how life could be any more splendid. Yes, I will move to Aspen in the morning.

The fire is dying
my lamp is growing dim
shades of night are lifting
morning light steals across my window pane
where webs of snow are drifting.

If I could only have you near
to breathe a sigh or two
I would be happy
just to hold the hands I love
on this winters night with you.


Concerned reader said...


You are deeply human.

I don't mean that in a derogatory, ironic, or condescending way.

The truth is, in our modern world, there are very few humans left. You yearn to love someone other than yourself.

"Love" itself is a loaded word. What does it mean to love?

For answers (or at least one answer) I direct you to Plato's Symposium. This is the oldest account and philosophy of love preserved in a written record.

Love of another, love of people, love of country, love of things. It is all covered.

I notice a pattern in your post. A longing for something once had but now lost.

This is an age-old dilemma that has been fleshed out since modern civilization. I implore you to read how this internal tension has been processed throughout the centuries.

Shakespeare covers it immensely. Hamlet, while not directly dealing with love, teaches us the ways of human nature and consciousness.

Let reading be your guide. :)

- Jon (subscriber of Allan Trends and a huge fan!)

PS. Middlemarch by George Eliot is my favorite book and deals with this exact subject (among many others)!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

The Gods are against us... Greece is again in disarray.... when will this end?

Southern Greece