Tuesday, June 24, 2008


FSYS: Was downgraded today by Brightpoint Capital, stock is down about 10%. The same analyst downgraded ENER on May 9, 2008 causing ENER to drop 5% in one day, but then climb close to 100% in a little over one month.

HYGS: up again, now close to a 50% gain in three days.

ABAT: Up 5% today on a new $5M contract with a Chinese company for batteries for a new kind of handheld searchlight:
The PLI cells being sold to QHSTD will be utilized to power a new generation of high-power and long life handheld searchlights. These searchlights combine the latest in lighting and battery technologies. This collaboration will result in a brighter and lighter searchlight. These searchlights have a range of lighting up to 1,000 meters, or approximately 3,300 feet, and over 10 hours of continuous discharging time.

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