Monday, June 16, 2008

NNVC - another breakout imminent


BigKahuna said...

Breakout for sure. Just to give your readers an idea of where this is heading in the coming weeks:

* Soon to File a pre-IND
* Soon to have a license agreement with a big pharma for anti-Epidemic Keratoconjuntivitis or anti-HIV (or both)
* FDA set to issue protocol guidance for approval
* Release follow-up on anti-Ebola studies
* anti-Dengue progress
* Announce next round of studies for Bird Flu, Influenza and Rabies anti-virals all of which are all in development and have all completed small animal studies.
* Announcement of certified GMP manufacturing plant

Exciting times ahead and there is still a lot of room at the top before the all time high of $3.75. The right announcement and the SP will cut through that resistance like a hot knife through warm butter on a summer afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you trading a penny stock will not get you anywhere. Very unprofessional to be touting this. Now I know I need to get into a large fund situation and not share my wares with a small time money runner.


Anonymous said...

Allan got most of us into nnvc a couple of years ago at around 8 cents per share. I don't know what more you can ask for in an advisor. You could do a lot worse in your quest for a job in the industry.

Chirag said...

...and he probably is

Last week he wanted an interview -- so either he didn't do his research on Allan or he's bitter he didn't get a chance to work with Allan.

Anonymous said...

GooJina...wish you had been here at the .085 mark w/NNVC...we've had a FUN ride!!!