Monday, June 23, 2008

HYGS - update

HYGS is up about 40% since Thursday's post. Take it or ride it? I'm holding, because of this chart, but would not argue with anyone who wants to take the nice pop while it is there.


Anonymous said...

In HYGS at 96, just sold. Will buy back on pullback I hope. In FSYS at 38 and out at 40.6, back in at 39....thanks for the heads-up on these.

Anonymous said...

Excellent call on HYGS and FSYS, though I missed both of them. Thanks for posting them.

Anar said...

HYGS great call, got in at .96 and holding with a trailing stop.

-- What is your take on GTE? It had a nice little pullback there, and FSYS seems to be pulling back as well.