Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Alternative Energy Charts


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan:

Remember AMSC from the Gilder power chips list ? It went ballistic today. Check out its 10 year chart. Big breakout.


A said...

jem- this is what i love about alternative energy stocks, AMSC received a $450M contract from China today....this represents 4X current year's revenues and about 25% of it's current market cap. One contract for wind turbine gizmos. As for the breakout, it really occurred a month ago around 32-33; next area of interest would be a long-term double top around 60.

Anonymous said...

Hello A,
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thank you

A said...

Some skepticism surrounding the AMSC "order" announced yesterday:


Unknown said...

anyone know of the US or Canadian manufacturer that is making the actual "blades" used wind power generation?

I'm seeing these transported via special 18 wheelers more and more these days.