Monday, January 28, 2008

Winners & Losers


PNP.TO.... +16%
NTRZ...... +100%

Detroit Red Wings W 37 L 10 Pts 78 First Place NHL (Ottawa 2nd Place 66 Pts)


Jim Cramer's Portfolio -8% YTD (But he's ahead of S&P, -9%)


Anonymous said...

I am looking at PNP for an entry to my personals. :) A side note, also saw PBS show on Platinum. Wholly cow I didn't know they were in the yellow sticky pad glue and ENORMOUS other products. I'll be looking for Platinum and any help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is buying up some ACTC today.

Dennis in the ATL

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include yourself in the WINNERS !

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

We meet again. I only wish it were under more favorable circumstances.

The Gods have truly not been smiling on the US recently but the the Gods are based here in Greece!

FYI, I just dumped my last chunk on NTRZ at around 1.38 last week and have not bought any new AllAllan picks as the US equities markets have made we Greeks wary of putting our money in them.

But we are a patient people and, I , for one, am "polishing up my buying sword and breastplate" so to speak.

Shall we agree to post strongly in February? By the grace of Perseus may we?

Southern Greece

Anonymous said...

ACTC news upcoming in Feb. Could be a good month.

D in ATL