Monday, February 04, 2008

China Stocks

On a day where the DJIA is down close to 100 points, there are a slew of China stocks that are up over 10%.

Among them:

CHNR +23%
YGE +15%
CPSL +25%
RCH +17%
CDS +15%
FSIN +12%

Follow the money.



Anonymous said...

Tiny Rudy Nutrition of "Rudy" the movie fame is at .003 and climbing. The maker of SoBe and a number of other beverage winners is the creator of the drink, with Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger leading the campaign with his motivational speaking tour. A major vet of reverse mergers and PIPEs is on board too.
They just released an 8K Monday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the symbol is ACUP. Still climbing at .0054.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allan!

hope things are well. Seems like you are not posting as often but we look forward to when you are back in full swing