Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trade Villa - Part II

At the request of Mark Smith, who is the force behind Trade Villa, I am posting this information to help clarify how to participate in this Yahoo Group.


Note from Mark the sysop of TradeVilla.

As per the previous TradeVilla post, Tradevilla is a selective group catering primarily to high net worth individuals and institutions who/which follow AllAllan trades among other possible methodologies.

It is selective in its membership and requires full disclosure to participate in it. It also keeps this blog from being clogged with a lot of asset allocation posts, etc. and allows the readership to exchange ideas in a direct and efficient format.

All who apply for TradeVilla membership need to include in the application email the answers to the following questions to determine suitability for entry into the group.

When you apply for membership at TradeVilla, your reply must include:

Your Full Name:

Your Location:

Whether you are an institution or individual:

The approximate Amount of Capital you have invested in AllAllan Trades and elsewhere:

A description of how you trade AllAllan and other methodologies:

What You Hope to Achieve By Joining TradeVilla:

What your tangible and intangible contributions to TradeVilla can be:

A review will be made of your application at that time.


Mark Smith, TradeVilla


Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked out

He is kinda day trading with an open book. Saw him on 60 minutes and then went to the website. I little cocky but overall some good info.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you won't be posting much anymore, Allan.

Anonymous said...


After receiving TDL, and the sell signal for one particular U stock, how would you compare the recent insider buys for the stock? I know you are a fan of both insider buying and of the Dines letter, so with the insiders telling you to Buy and Dines telling you to Sell - do you have a leaning to one side?


A said...


I have no opinion on Dines stock timing, but I do like his big picture analysis;


As you can see, I am still posting and will continue to post here, as before.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you'll still post here for the benefit of us low-rollers.

I ran across something interesting reading Warren Buffet's annual letter to stock holders. Seems ole Warren has or will have a long position in NNVC.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your answer. I put in a stink bid way below market to see if I can play any mass sell-off by Dines followers. I know he moves micro-cap stocks but don't know if he can move a bigger stock like the one he issued a sell on.


I searched the 2007 annual report for things like NNVC and "nano" but couldn't come across anything from the Berkshire letter. Do you have a page reference?


Anonymous said...


From the 10QSB:

"On January 3, 2008 the Company signed an agreement with a consultant to provide public relations and strategic communications advice and services. The agreement provides for the payment of a monthly consulting fee of $4,500.00 of which $1,500.00 is to be paid in Company common stock. The number of shares so calculated shall be based on the average monthly fair market value of the stock for each month the agreement is in effect. The agreement grants the consultant an option to purchase 30,000 restricted shares of the Company's $.001 par value common stock at $.05 upon the achievement of certain milestones by the consultant. The agreement is terminable on 30 days notice by either party. "

That company would appear to be Business Wire, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire. Business Wire's first press release was 2/4/2008. Not a lot of stock involved but I would bet that is a typical deal with Business Wire. Wonder what the milestones are?