Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trade Villa

Trying to post a profitable stock trading blog has it's own challenges and rewards. I have heard, mostly through private email, although some through public Comments, that some of my readers have done quite well with ideas posted from time to time on this Blog. A continuing thread in most of these Comments and emails is what else have I got? In other words, "More trades and more strategy, Please."

Posting trading ideas for the general readership, not knowing much about who you are or how you trade, what your temperament, discipline or your level of risk aversion, limits the number and nature of trading ideas I post. But one of my readers, someone who has been around this Blog a long time and according to him, has made significant profits from trade ideas posted on AllAllan, asked me a while back if I would be willing to post some ideas and/or participate in a sub-group of traders and investors that would be limited in number and sophistication so that more trading ideas, some of which may not be suitable for just anyone, could be proposed and discussed.

Asset allocation plays an important role here and its discussion would really encumber this board especially since there is a diverse readership applying various strategies. Thus, I would like to redirect those discussions as well.

So I am pointing all readers, but mostly institutions and individuals with larger amounts of investment capital, toward an independent and private group set up by “Mark,” one of my long time readers and larger dollar value investors, called “TradeVilla.”

My daily blog hits are from 350-700 per day and many of those are likely from professionals, institutional investors or from individuals who are large enough to qualify as institutions.

TradeVilla has been around for a couple of months and I am a member myself but have no control over its membership or the posts there other than my own.

I post some trades there that I do not post here and that are geared toward higher dollar value investments, usually put on by institutional investors, and require a more highly diversified portfolio to trade. Thus, TradeVilla is, by natural evolution, geared towards larger, institutional investors with higher dollar value portfolios.

In other words, this is my heads-up to investors, especially those who have larger asset allocations, to TraveVilla. It is found at this link: TradeVilla.

If you would like to subscribe to this Yahoo Group:

1. Visit:



2. Send an email to TradeVilla-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

All members are “vetted” by the sysop (not me) and asset allocation discussions for larger investors can take place there. Of course, this is a private, unlisted Yahoo Group and is free of charge like this Blog. But is a natural extension of it especially for larger investors/ institutions.

Hopefully, that will alleviate some of the issues described in the issues listed above as larger investors can compare asset allocation notes with each other and exchange more detailed ideas with each other, in a private and controlled forum dedicated to the more elite AllAllan traders.

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Anonymous said...

Note from Mark the sysop of TradeVilla.

When you apply for membership at TradeVilla, your reply must include:

You must provide:

Your Full Name:

Your Location:

Whether you are an institution or individual:

The approximate Amount of Capital you have invested in AllAllan Trades and elsewhere:

A description of how you trade AllAllan and other methodologies:

A review will be made of your application at that time.


Mark Smith, TradeVilla