Friday, January 11, 2008

Advanced Cell Technology

ACTC's market cap is about $20MM.

Other biotechnology companies that represent what ACTC could be valued at because they are similarly tied into stem cell research:

(1) STEM - Market Cap $110MM

(2) GERN - Market Cap $400MM

(3) Industry Average Market Cap = $141MM

Rough back-of-the-envelope analysis, I know, but sometimes you need this kind of perspective to ask yourself why you are buying a 20-25 cent stock.



Anonymous said...


Another excellent call what are you up about 50% in one day?

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Mark in Sandy Utah.

A said...


At today's highs, up 60%, although ACTC has pulled back from those levels.

I have a Chinese stock for your TradeVilla group, I'll try to figure out how to post over there.


Anonymous said...


I came across your site after listening to your interview @ I have since been reviewing the archives of your blog. Extremely educational. You have turned on the light for me. Causalty. Acton, reaction. Cause and effect. Thanks. Thanks to Sally too.

I know AGEN has been mentioned here previously. Did anyone take a position today on the big CEO buy?

Dennis in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you wrote:

"Causalty. Acton, reaction. Cause and effect. "

Isn't this a direct quote from The Merovingian in the Movie "The Matrix Reloaded?"

Just pointing this out.

Mark in Sandy Utah

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