Saturday, January 12, 2008


Several years ago I co-authored a book named, "Confirmatory Analysis," in which I presented some simple ways to buy stocks that go up. One way is unfolding in the shares of Antigenics.

First, significant insider buying at a premium to current shares prices (with warrants to buy even more at the same premium prices);

Second, a very nice bottoming pattern on the daily chart, followed by a price break-out.

I was buying AGEN on Friday and will look to add more this coming week.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan, just bought the book on Amazon.

I look forward to a HUGE 2008!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,
the quicken stock screener on your site doesn't seem to work.


A said...

Re: Book

I should point out that the book was written 10 years ago and my current methodology, day trading, wasn't even a glimmer in my eye at the time. However, my chapter on using chart patterns to buy stocks that go up is a valid today as it ever was.....for whatever that is worth.


Anonymous said...

Hey for $2.35 if I learn how to spell technical analysis, it is worth it!


BTW: what are your thoughts on ACTC, is it in accumulate mode until it hits 3.00?

Anonymous said...

I also bought AGEN on Friday. My first Sally buy.

Unfortunately, only on the 9th, included details that Armen was one of the private investors. I was out-pocket on thursday during trading and I didn't see that article till Friday after the Sally alert.
Wish I had seen it Wed.

Dennis in Atlanta