Wednesday, January 09, 2008


FRG has about doubled since I wrote it up in this blog, a little over one year ago. FRG was then ostensibly a play on uranium, which is itself a play on nuclear power, which is in turn a play on world economic growth, global warming and peak oil.

But the recent relative strength in FRG is probably related to the recognition that it is also a play on gold.

FRG is one of my few buy and holds for 2008.



Anonymous said...


Any comments on the uranium sector in general from a technical perspective? I don't know if you follow these as a buy and hold approach to Dines picks at all, or just trade his pops. It looked like a test of the double bottom on Aug 16 and mid december as well, but it looks like a head for a triple test.

I know they haven't broken very long term major support, but how does it look on a more intermediate term?


Anonymous said...

Intel now uses Hafnium to make there chips as compared to silicon. I always wonder where one gets that. Is it tradable ? A little help would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan...I'm back with another mention of RLTR; there's some real gold here, check 'em out in IHUB.

Sony is now is the game with them.

Tremendously exciting...definitely worth a close look.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

Greetings from Greece where the wine flows freely and cash tumbles from the air like manna from Olympus itself.

I am long FRG, but only about 20K worth- a light snack but a good one.

Still holding about 1/2 of my NTRZ picks. Looking for the "next biog thing' on this board.

Southern Greece

A said...


FRG is a triple threat, uranium, acquisition candidate and now gold. Not my usual kind of pick insofar as each of these triple threats is speculative in nature and as you know by now, my picks usually have that casino edge about them.


Anonymous said...

I thought FRG meant Federal Republic of Germany when I first saw this pick. You can't buy stock in a COUNTRY esp. one that has not been around for 15 years.

I'm kicking myself now.