Thursday, January 03, 2008

Undiscovered Solar Play

In early 2006 I wrote up Arrowhead Research about 25% higher then current prices. This one has been a disappointment, so far. That may be changing and here's why:

One of the hottest sectors in the current market environment is Solar. Just about anything Solar has been red hot lately. So what does Arrowhead have to do with this sector?

Solar Cells

It is not unusual for the major players to lead a move, but for the bullishness to eventually ripple into the smaller cap names in the sector that may be flying under the radar but have a lucrative franchise just waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, Arrowhead has an R&D pipeline across a wide spectrum of biotechnology and nanotechnology applications.

At a modest market cap just under $140MM, Arrowhead Research is worth holding if you are still in and worth doing some due diligence if you are not yet a shareholder.



Anonymous said...


Just finished all your previous posts and I am now educated to the board. You have really shared some key indicators and I signed up for Sally. Thanks for all your wisdom.

As you know I am on the "short" end of the financial stick but I am going to try and take 20K and apply what you have shown me on some of the bigger gains.

I have always done well trading and researching stock splits, so in your spirit I decided to start a blog and trade a 10K account live in 08 for those that are looking to build a smaller "nest" until we can trade like the "big dogs" here. I am blogging at and will do what I can to take the 10K to 25K this year so I can hopefully become an honorary member of this elite club.


Anonymous said...

Hi A:

I've liked ARWR for a long time and have been in and out. Back in today with a small position as it is also near it's long term support trend line on 3 yr weekly chart. Thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...


I never bought this one, did not like the fundamentals, but did go heavily long First Solar (FSLR) on a rec from one of your private emails.

I went long with your group at 56. Now it stands at around 258. That's a profit of $200/share in less than a year.

Note: This is not a typo. I'm up over $200/share on 3,500 shares of this pick in less than a year. Let Cramer go "play with himself."

What's more, I picked up another 20 calls (calls on 2,000 shares as well).

My profits?? Do the math. Even though FSLR is down $ or so today.7

Should I say "thanks"? Somehow that just does not seem like enough.

Mark in Sandy Utah

Anonymous said...

As many of you know, I'm putting together a free service (of some kind) for serious AllAllan Traders.

It will require disclosure of (at least) your name and will be a place to exchange ideas on how to best trade this blog- which is rising in popularity by the week.

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For those NOT wishing to participate in TradeVilla, just keep reading the blog!

Note: TradeVilla is not in ANY way formally associated with AllAllan,
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If Allan asks me NOT to set up TradeVilla I will not proceed. I never got his permission or even bothered to ask him in the first place.

Allan, are you ok with the concept of TradeVilla?


Mark from Sandy, Utah

A said...


thanks for your FSLR update and as for TradeVilla, go for it.


Anonymous said...


One more thing:


Anonymous said...


Does anyone know a feasible way of effectively shorting this actress/super model/singer?

It looks like a sure bet.

Mark in Sandy Utah

Anonymous said...

I have been long Arwr for a long time...made a huge amount of money this year when it ran to $8 and I sold 3/4 of my position. I keep trding it through its huge range...just hold on and you wil end up on the upside as long as you buy around $ it is at 3.40 EZ money because one day this stock will be trding in the $12 - $15 range....-RT ARWR, GSS, NTRZ, and LNOP....the portfolio of champions in 08

Anonymous said...

LNOP is getting is getting reamed today just like NTRZ....bad day...-RT