Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The whole world is watching

Notwithstanding big picture caution, there is no other way to describe the current Daily and Weekly GS Trend Models then as bullish:

GS Daily Trend Model

GS Weekly Trend Model

The GS Weekly Model reverses LONG on a weekly close above 151.23.  This price level may be key this week, not only for GS, but for financial stocks in general, as well as for the overall stock market.  GS breaking higher is bullish, falling back under 151.23, neutral to bearish.

There you have it, one price level for one stock, everything riding on it and the whole world is watching.



Anonymous said...

You edited your NNVC mantra to the right. While still hopeful it's not as forceful. Is that just for legal reasons (covering your ass reasons)?
But thanks as always!

A said...

10,000 shares of NNVC cost under $5,000 when I first posted about the stock making millionaires out of anyone owning 10,000 shares. Now the same amount of shares will cost over $13,000. Not quite the slam dunk it was less then a year ago. That said, nothing has changed in my outlook or forecast. I am near an all time allallan high in my confidence that NNVC is the real deal, the investment opportunity of a lifetime. The numbers will work themselves out and the next 12-18 months should be very exciting for shareholders.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am in at about 60 cents for 10,500 shares. For a 27 year old I thought that was a pretty good wager taking into the risk/reward...15% of my savings turning into semi-retirement sounds nice! :) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This Friday GNVC reports.

Lou said...

GS' 60 minute trendline has four touches since July 1st. I'll use the fifth one for a FAS entry.

I'm watching ...

Anonymous said...

Every time NNVC is mentioned here i have to interfere by saying the
40000 shares i took at an average of $0.65 rescued my entire portfolio
Now i'm only with 10000 shares and ready to fill back at todays level waiting for the big move hopefully soon.
Thanks Allan for everything

Anonymous said...

Still in NNVC to the tune of 40K shares @ .60. Am putting mental stop loss at 1.18. It concerns me that no BIG PHARMA deal was closed and the MTA expired at the end of July. Also, no followup news from Thevac or any of last year's PR's.

t said...

As an outside observer of these last few posts...please allow me to offer you a moment of Sanity.

take a deep breath. exhale.

and listen

I'm going to bring you back to reality and sanity.

If you have 40 thousand shares of NNVC at 60 cents

or even 20 or 10 thousand shares at 60 cents

you are sitting on a Gold Mine.

Do not sell another share.
AND you would be making a big mistake to sell at 1.18

1.18 is right in the middle of the support zone.
between 1.00 and 1.30
NNVC could settle down at this price zone,anywhere in this zone, and blast up from there.

IF by some bizarre miracle,NNVC drops below 1.00,I will buy more.

but if you own 20 or 40 thousand shares at 60 cents.... you dont need to buy more. that would be unnecessary overkill.

IF you used to own 40 thousand shares at 60 cents and you sold most of it...... you will cry in 2 years when you see NNVC in the stratosphere and you will calculate that you forfeited a million dollars to secure a few tens of thousands.

I have 17 thousand NNVC at 81 cents. I am happy with that.

Anyone who owns it under 1 dollar should be happy.

60 cents is a blessed gift.

stop worrying about the stock price from day to day ....keep aware of it in basic technical terms,I.E. the next support level down is the 1.00 -1.10 area.
looking at the chart the whole area from 1.29 down to 1.00 is a 'support zone'

price can drop to Anywhere in this zone and Hold as support.

Its doing this now at 1.27

It can drop to 1.10
or hold at 1.15,or 1.20 and blast up with the next important news.

If youre in at 60 freakin cents.... you should Never be worrying .
put your attention to some other great 'NNVC-like' investments

such as

hope this helps,or
maybe take a xanax

Anonymous said...

t, good post.

Anonymous said...

t- what happened to the others you mentioned last time


do you still hold?

T said...

A worthy question on my other investments
1) WKBT ...I never owned it.I dont remember recommending it.

2) JINFF has been a love hate experience .I was smart to buy it at 1.30.stupid to sell it at 1.25,because I then missed out on the 6 bagger it became.
I was too inexperienced as a 'trader' when I held onto it and watched it 'come back down' to 2.50,I rebought it at 2.50 and happy enough to see it holding steady at 4.00 today.
I like JINFF even more now that I know it is 'connected'(supported) by the Chinese government.
My suspicion is that JINFF was 'gamed' by the GS computer systems,with massive shorts,(just like they do with the gold and silver market) to suppress the meteoric rise of gold bug in china,and suppress the enthusiasm for the stock in westerm markets. One could suspect China realized this and has taken more control of JINFF. I dont expect we will see such monumental up down movement from here on.

3) TRGL...another love hate experience,my inexperience again caused me to 'see' my stocks as buy and hold investments last year,so I watched TRGL soar to 13.50,and failing to see the 'common sense of the traders vision' and sell it at the top,watched my 7 k profit evaporate (I sold it at break even)and then rebought it at 6. Lesson learned .....about the need to have both a traders vision as well as an investors vision.

Speculators bid up the share price of any stock that has a good story....just like they are doing now with ARNA.
This time, I decided to sell ARNA at 7 and banked my 4K profit. If I was perfect I would have sold it at 8. I look to rebuy ARNA around 4-4.50
as for TRGL ,I think its a good stock to own at 6,and to sell at 10 or 11.
its a good 'trading' stock .

4) TTM is what it is....the Mega giant car company of India,soaring after every drop,I wanted to buy it around 12,it only went to (??) 13? so I missed its bottom....now its driven back to the 20 area. It remains on my list...if there is a total global meltdown again, and TTM plunges to the 10-12 area I will buy it as a core holding.

5) MRNA is one of my few current problem childs...it is one of Patrick Cox's picks in his biotech newsletter....I bought it...it fails to be a star player... I will sell it at break even when I can.and especially now after it did this 1:4 reverse split or whatever its called ,and has floundered since.

6) GERN...sort of the same feeling...so I sold GERN at break even the other day.I dont need GERN.

Thanks for asking about these.happy to oblige.

Heres a few more for you to examine:


(disclaimer) this isnt my blog so I cant make a habit of this.tho I dont mind helping/sharing with sincere folks

Anonymous said...

enjoyed getting the update- have had similar experience with not taking some profit off the tops.

always appreciate your stock thoughts (tips)


T said...

good trading to you.

Allan made an off the cuff comment a little while back
about the idea of simplifying the whole investment trading dilemma we suffer thru in these crazy markets... when he said 'one can just own NNVC and nothing else' and just sit back.

Every day,I have cogent moments where that idea keeps sounding better and better.