Friday, August 13, 2010

NNVC - chart update

Look at the size of the most recent 240 minute bars.  You would think this company found the holy grail of anti-viral treatment.  Take note, something is up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe PR coming out!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was just eager investors waiting to see it hit the 1 dollar mark the other day

and to Jump on it like they did.

now watch them sell at 1.39

Then, watch for NNVC to hold support at 1.13 - 1.19 area

and Then you have a base hit.

(in my TA view,FWIW)

Anonymous said...

Bang the table to buy? Ha ha ha. Big old fat wave 5 yet to go down to the .5 area.

Anonymous said...


If NNVC closes (today- Aug.16th) below $1.20 would you be a seller if one is trading the stock?



A said...

After reading today's press release, anyone would have to be crazy to sell this stock now.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said "sell at 1.39" had it right. When are you starting your own website?