Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Financial stocks

Here are a few financial stocks from my Trend Tables.  My thesis is that financial stocks lead the market, especially this market and when they all lead in the same direction we need to take note.

 GS_240 Trend Model

JPM_240 Trend Model

AIG_240 Trend Model


Here is an updated NNVC_240 chart.  It really is too early to have much faith in the EW count shown, but I'm including it anyway, just in case it's right:

NNVC_240 Trend Model


Anonymous said...

Allan, just a note of thanks for your comments re the longer term view on NNVC. Charting friends point out a possible 'gartley support pattern' on the daily . That and your words had me adding on these past two days.

Anonymous said...

A footnote to 'gartley' comment above: my saying the 'daily' timeframe could be a misnomer... We just happened to be looking at daily bars on the chart, they could just as well have been weekly bars---the lookback was to the low of last October and the pattern since then.

Anonymous said...

Allan, what's your position on the bond market? Most people say it leads the equity market and TLT recently had a huge upside breakout.

Anonymous said...

More like a "gurney pattern" - NNVC is one sick stock. Support looks to be non-existent.