Thursday, July 17, 2008

Speculative Cold Play



Anonymous said...

No Hope Left?

I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, consistently pulling down good money in doing so.


1) the economy tanking,

2) commodities and inflation rising,

3) Jobs Bing lost at an astonishing rate

4) the stock market in a bear mode

5) with charlatans Like Cramer giving “advice”

My question is:

Is there anything we can do to save ourselves and ensure our families’ protection from the upcoming devastation other than following Allan and his trading, investing and economic advice?

Harlan in International Falls, MN

Anonymous said...

Embrace a life style of voluntary simplicity and move to land that is fertile and food bearing?

Anonymous said...

If we are in a situation where we are depending on Allan for our own and our families well being it probably is already not a good situation.

Allan is giving us the means to learn how to invest intelligently for ourselves. Ultimately our goal should be to be as free from Allan as possible and like him -- able to make our coherent choices.

Some of us, myself included, are not willing to commit the time at present to become more like Allan so I do "follow" him. I am of course entirely responsible for my actions regardless of who I follow.

I am just glad he finds meaning and reward in sharing his capacities with us and in helping us to learn. How easy it would be for him to have never shared even a single thing with us.


Anonymous said...

Incorrect. the soluton is Allan.

None of the long time readers of this column have "learned" enough to abandon the forum and go out on their own and it has been up for years.

Daily readership has doubled in the last 6 months.

They are either dependent on Allan or dependent on him as they are investors in his private hedge fund.

The statement by "Matthew" who appears to be brand new to this forum is incorrect on absolutely every point.

No only that, "TradeVilla" a selective members- only group for elite AllAllabn traders was set up a while ago as well.

In short:

Allan is it, get used to it or go down with the shipwreck that is the USA.