Monday, July 28, 2008

NNVC - Intriguing

We have an intriguing little mystery today from NNVC, with only good explanations.

Earlier this morning NNVC issued a press release announcing that, "...Renowned Japanese ophthalmologist and corneal researcher, Kazuo Tsubota, MD, PhD, has agreed to join the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board."

The press release also slipped in this little tidbit:

“I have already had licensing discussions with Japanese pharmaceutical companies regarding EkcCide™,” said Dr. Tsubota, adding, “There has been significant interest in Japan in the excellent animal study results from the Institute in New York.”

“Dr. Tsubota will be helping us prepare the Company’s nanoviricides drug candidates to enter the regulatory approval process in Japan. Initially, he will focus on viral eye diseases such as EKC and Herpes virus infection, among others,” said Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH, CEO of the Company.
What I find so intriguing is that in a press release dated June 30, 2008, NNVC announced that this same Dr. Tsubota, "...Has agreed to perform confirmatory animal efficacy studies of the nanoviricide anti-EKC drug candidate, EKC–Cide™, against EKC (epidemic kerato-conjunctivitis) in Japan."

In between these two releases there has been no news as to how that confirmatory testing in Japan was going. Yet the renowned Japanese ophthalmologist, Dr. Tsubota, has not only agreed to become a member of NNVC's Scientific Advisory Board, he is, according to the press release out today, already, "...In licensing discussions with with Japanese pharmaceutical companies regarding EkcCide.™"

What can be gleaned from all of this? Whatever Dr. Tsubota has seen in his review of
EkcCide™ has impressed him and is significant enough that Dr. Tsubota wants to be part of Nanoviricides and wants to represent the Company in Japan.

In due time, all of this will make better sense, as whatever pieces of this puzzle may be missing, they can only mean good things of NNVC.



Anonymous said...

and still nnvc is 1/3 of where it was 2 years ago

Anonymous said...

can you help to explain why nnvc manages to drop on positive pr?

A said...

Year to date, NNVC is up 175%, can't completely explain that either.

Anonymous said...


If NNVC continues to drop, I'm going to come to AZ and pessonally cut your nuts off.


Anonymous said...

Are you the Tony from Chicago?

Chirag said...


Allan will be ok... I'm sure NNVC will develop a cure for that too.

Am I correct to assume approval in Japan doesn't pass through a Japanese version of the FDA?

Anonymous said...

Take responsibility for your own trades, people.
Having said that, looking at the chart, I wouldn't touch this stock with a 10 foot pole.
Wish I had bought back when Allan originally recommended it, but my broker couldn't access the shares. Needless to say, they are no longer my broker.

Anonymous said...

As for cutting Allan's nuts off, I've known him for 20 years and the guy has balls made of solid steel, or at least a high grade of aluminum alloy.

So if you are going to cut them off,be sure to bring a chainsaw.

I'm personally not in NNVC directly but agree the stock has superb potential.

As The Greek Guy says: Alln is truly blessed by the Gods" although which exact ones I'm not sure.

John Kercheval