Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sally Alerts- Administrative

You may have received a few strange emails from Sally this morning... sorry! We're working to accommodate the very large response we received to the free offer, and will have everything worked out by the end of the week.



Anonymous said...

thanks Allan


Anonymous said...

while you are at it...this is just a suggestion:

it would be nice if you had the Pop Quality right at the beginning of the Body, something like this:

Pop Quality = 50%

that a way one can set up a filter to tag all Sally emails with a Pop Quality of 50 or more. right now it looks like

50 = Pop Quality

hard to filter this one, I think!!

curt504 said...

Since we're on i-buys subject: I just saw on another blog, the kirk report this link to "clusters of i-buys". The free data is 1 week old.


Allan do you see clusters of i-buys come through Sally?

tnx to all, curt

A said...

Curt, went to the link, found this:

Trading Rules Based On Insider Stock Trading

Good overview.