Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NNVC update

Every once in while I run across a post on an Internet forum that intrigues me, and in this case, motivates me to share it here. I would never buy a stock based simply on a post from a stranger on a message board, but I would utilize same to feel better about my hanging tough with NNVC. Direct link here.

By: dr.feelgoode
16 May 2006, 09:38 PM EDT
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The following are only my opinions:

Things to look for in the near future'

1) PR discussing the results of recent studies.
--1A) Full reporting and 10Q statements.
2) Announcement of JV with a big pharma for one of the viricides.
3) Announcement of funding structure up to $100 million with little or no dilution
4) Release of building construction details with possible local and state backing.
5) Forward split to stablize PPS.
6) Rapid switch from Pink Sheets to NASDAQ
7) Announcement of the first 3 product lines (one announcement for each) with estimated date of market.
8) Government grants.
9) Military partnerships to develop viricides against weaponized diseases.
10) $100 per share (based on current share structure).

Hey, these are just my humble opinions.



k said...

NNVC looks like its setteling at $2.
any update/thoughts on the other explosive stock PTSC, which i have a big position in?

k said...

Why the sell down to 0.67? what has changed with this co.? NNVC is potential and hope. PTSC has patents/agreements and more to come...any thoughts on who is selling at these prices?

A said...

k - sellers of PTSC didn't drink enough of the kool-aid, not team players, we're better off without them.


Anonymous said...

Who is Dr Feelgood? I can groove on $100 per share, but that does seem a bit fanciful, no?


1painter2 said...

Alan, greetings from Olympia "the wet side of the State". I appreciate you continuing to share your thoughts on stocks and especially for sharing Sally. I thought that you might get a kick out of this:

# 10 Your wife tells you that you are an idiot for all the money you lost in the last few days.
# 9 You are kicking yourself thinking that your wife may be right.
# 8 You look like a moron on your favorite board and your enemies post your recent bullish predictions.
# 7 You have your 4 year old pick up the phone when your broker calls you with a margin call.
# 6 You can't sleep at night wondering when will the pain stop.
# 5 Forget about buying the plasma TV.
# 4 You swear never to make the same mistake again.
# 3 Deep down you know you'll make the same mistake again.
# 2 You are frozen looking at your computer screen wondering what hit you.
# 1 You finally sell your stocks and they immediately turn around and go up again.

Anonymous said...

Too bad none of what he said came true.

Always love the pump and dump crews.