Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bird Flu, Round 2

I'm watching the PIstons-Heat-Ducks-Oilers so no time for links, but human to human transmission is being reported in Indonesia. As a result, two stocks in our bird flu basket, NVAX and BCRX were up about 15% late today. This could be the beginning of Round 2 in bird flu investing opportunities. The names we like are in the archives, just do a bird flu search of this blog. I bought more NVAX late today as soon as I saw the news on brieifing, paying $4.55/share. It closed in after-hours trading at $5.29. If this is another round of bird flu stock speculation, it is still early and 15% or better runs per day will be the norm. Back to the games.



Anonymous said...

Good for you Allan. I didn't buy at $4.55 and I do not like to chase a stock that's already taken off.

Anonymous said...

What about GNBT?

A said...

What about GNBT?

The market speaks: GNBT +12% this morning.

Don't forget NNVC, which is knee-deep in SE Asia with their developmental stage bird flu viricides.


Anonymous said...

This is a weird place to be. My mid-term bird flu basket -- GILD, AVAN, AVII, BCRX -- had taken one of those "bloody, trembling shadow of its former self" beatings over the past month. Down, in fact, a gut-wrentching 25%. It was all I could do to not cut and run. Today, they're all up 4-15%. Still a long way to go just to get to break even, but if BF turns out even half as bad as many think, who knows the ceiling will be. And yet, I can't help but mourn at what the reality of that will mean.

Anonymous said...

its wise not to get too happy about reaping financial gains from your bird flu portfolio. The irony will be that you get it and suffer while your wealth increases.

Anonymous said...

NNVC is at a good price today, lags the others by a day right now.

Anonymous said...

Another to add to your list.....PPHM

Anonymous said...

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