Monday, May 08, 2006


About 40 cents, into battery technology for hybrid vehicles. I'm in.



Anonymous said...

Allan........dont recall getting a Sally notice for panc. A couple of officers bought this morning around $5.60, and an analyst predicted buyout in 2007.

curt504 said...

The popular microcap speculative plays; xdsl, ptsc, now chid phrm are just drifting, moving sideways and drifting down.

PTSC is quite the mystery? New money put in at $.88 will be a double by next 10K or we've all bought a good sounding story that new court cases /suits are unraveling (??) I'm just wondering. If there's anything there $.88 seems like a buy? Or maybe the market is finding the true valuation. I don't know how PTSC's calculus.

tnx curt

A said...

curt, for what it's worth, I thnk you and most of the readers of this blog pay closer attention to these stocks then I do....not saying which is the better way to deal with these positions, just an observation.


Anonymous said...

bought myself some CUP and APLL this morning on a hunch about china stocking up. both jumped huge after 11 E.T-nate